Thursday, December 20, 2007

"Why do Bad things Happen to Good people"

In regards to the terrible tragedy that accrued today to the parents of my sister in law Pessa Kirschenbaum, Reb Zev and his wife Rochel Simons two very Special Neshamas that were taken from this world in a Terrible car accident,

I would like to present an answer the Rebbe gave to parents of a young girl Miriam, who at six years old was killed in a car accident in Berkley, California (Erev Pesach 1989). Following the death, the parents wrote a long letter to the Rebbe with many different questions regarding the nature of these types of tragedies. The Rebbe's response did more than comfort – it provided a new focus to the mourning family. Also included is interesting picture of the Rebbe. The Rebbe attending a funereal in the winter of 1991.

1. A person cannot say with certainty that he clearly knows Hashem's intentions, (except for a prophet who was instructed by Hashem to reveal it).

2. For everything that happens in today's day in age, we can find its example in the past. ( In Midrashim of Chazal, with additional different interpretations for different events), At times, the specifics of an incident today, we can explain with an event or an explanation of an event in the past.

4 .With regards to Miriam, it stands out that she passed away on a high note, in a manner that Torah Emes commands that is forbidden to mourn her in a Shiva, except for a few moments and similarly with regards to the Shloshim [due to the fact that it was Erev yom tov].

5 .All Neshamos (Souls) of the present come down as a continuation of a previous Gilgul ( Reincarnation) in order to complete what was missing before it came down, (in totality or partially).

6. Those who are Nistalek (pass on) before their obligation to do Mitzvos, it is because they are here in this world to complete the number of years that they needed to be in this world. (Even though this is an exception, in general everyone needs to live 70-80, up to 120 years)

7 .If Miriam needed to complete the number of years she needed to be in this world, and then go immediately into Gan Eden, its understood that the parents should not be saddened that this Pesach that she parted she was in Gan Eden and according to this, its also understood that they needed according to Torah Emes to be in true Simcha on Pesach.

8. Especially since she (Mrs. Gearman) and her husband, gave their child a childhood that was mostly filled with Good, materially and spiritually all her years.

Good Shabbos.