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"The Rebbe Sat in The Front Seat Of The Car"

"When you look at a real yeshiva Student you see right away his real entity, which is Torah, to the extent that it takes over every detail of his life and affects his friends too

-The Rebbe

Amongst the many things that the Rebbe encouraged his students was that they should write down different questions and difficulties in the subjects that they are studying and to try to find new ideas and answers.

I would like to present a beautiful encounter of a student who learned in 770 in the 1940’s, he would write into the Rebbe different questions that he had in Torah and the Rebbe would respond to him. Also included is interesting pictures of the Rebbe (part 34 in the series)

"When I was a student in the 1940s, I would write to the Rebbe asking various questions that I had on Chassidic passages. The Rebbe always answered whatever I asked. After the Previous Rebbe passed away and the Rebbe stepped into his father-in-law’s position, I stopped writing because I understood that the Rebbe had much more important things to deal with.

I was on the way to my brother-in-law’s wedding, and I had the great privilege of riding in the car with the Rebbe, who would often officiate at wedding in those years. The Rebbe sat in the front seat and I joined Rabbi Chodakov in the back.

Turning around and offering a faint smile, the Rebbe mentioned, “It’s been a long time since I received any of your questions in Chassidus!” I replied that obviously the Rebbe now had more important things to take tend to and could not be bothered with my questions. The Rebbe disagreed, telling me that he still would like to get my letters.

Following the wedding, I sat down and wrote the many questions that accumulated since I had stopped asking. Not receiving any response, I nonetheless continued submitting my questions, as the Rebbe had requested.

This went on for thirteen weeks. Each Friday I would write my questions and before Shabbos I would give it to the Rebbe’s secretary; but I received no reply.

After some time, I received a letter from the Rebbe pertaining to other matters. However, at the end of the letter the Rebbe had added in his handwriting, “Your letters were received at the proper time, and when I will have time I will, please G-d, answer all of them.”

A short time later, I received another letter containing answers to all of the questions I had posed. It had been such a long time since I sent the questions in, that I had to look up my original letters to remember some of the difficulties.

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