Tuesday, May 27, 2008

The Rebbe "Can I ask you to do a favor for me?"

The following encounter is a very unique and special Shlichus that The Rebbe sent former prime Minster of Israel Menachem Bagen to save the life of Jewish girl in France. The encounter was related by Rabbi Binyomin Klein from the Lubavitcher Rebbe's secretaries. Also included is an interesting picture of the Rebbe (part 104 in the series) To learn more about the Rebbe visit www.inspiringageneration.com

Rabbi Klein Relates: "The former Prime Minister of Israel Menachem Begin visited the Rebbe many times prior to becoming Prime Minister. I remember towards the end of one of his private audiences The Rebbe asked him:

"Can I ask you to do a favor for me?"

Prime Minister Begin replied; "Definitely!"
I received a letter from the mother and father of a Jewish girl from France. They describe how their daughter wants to get married to a non-Jew. They wrote in the letter that they tried to do everything in their power to stop the marriage, but nothing helped. So, the parents are now asking me for my help to see what I can do.

"I think," said the Rebbe, "that a person like you, with the standing that you have, should speak to her. Especially because you also speak French, it will have a very great effect on the girl." Menachem Begin listened to the Rebbe's request and accepted upon himself to do the Shlichus. The Rebbe gave him the girl's address and her phone number in France.

He told Begin that he wants to pay for all of the expenses he incurs from traveling there. Prime Minister Begin traveled to France and met with the girl. He spoke with his whole heart what his thoughts were and why it's so important to marry a Jew.

After much discussion she made the decision to end her relationship, and broke off her wedding. Today the girl lives in Jerusalem, is married and has a beautiful family.

Good Shabbos.


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