Sunday, August 8, 2010

"I am not Asking you For a Check"

Dear Readers.

With thanks to Hashem we would like to announce the birth of our twin baby Boys,May they be a true source of 'Nachas' to us all, and may we continue to only share blessings and happy occasions with one another.

The Rebbe Archive would like to present a First–Time Released Photo of the Rebbe, as well as a Transcript of a meeting that the The Young Leadership Cabinet of the UJA federation had with the Rebbe about the importance of giving children a proper Jewish Education. with special thanks to Mendy Hayward.

Good Shabbos

From a transcript published by the Young Leadership Cabinet after their meeting with the Rebbe:

"There is a special goal which takes priority over all others and that is education. By educating people you are preparing the young leadership of tomorrow and the day after tomorrow. Education is not a question of making someone who is not so learned, more learned, someone who is not fluent, more fluent, someone who is not charitable to become charitable or more charitable. Education now is a question of saving a soul, saving a human being for the Jewish people. And saving him even for humanity.

Taking into account that a child is someone whose need for education must be met at the first opportunity possible-money can be borrowed now and paid tomorrow or a year from tomorrow. Even if you have no money already in cash or in pledges it is the first priority and the first duty and the first obligation of every Jew who can do something in this realm to invest it in education.

I am not asking you for a check,what I am asking is that every one of you, before asking someone for a check tomorrow, to become more Jewish than today by adding at least one mitzvah in your personal life, in your private life and in the life of your family. And, in addition, and I know this from my personal experience, I am now seventy years old and nevertheless I hope that tomorrow morning, I will be a better Jew than today. Performing a mitzvah in your private life as a private person-has an immediate impact on your communal activities"

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