Tuesday, September 18, 2007

The Rebbe "I Want That Two and Half Million Yidden"

"I want that two and half million Yidden which never put on Tefillin to put on -as an outcome of the war, that's the most important message that I am trying to convey to Yiddin in Eretz Yisroel"

-The Rebbe

This Shabbos will mark forty years to Mivtsa Tefillin (the Tefillin campaign). The Rebbe saw the heart of his nation open wide. It was a biblical moment; an opportunity of cosmic proportions, and the Rebbe urged Jewish leaders to respond, and speak about returning to Jewish traditions and they will listen, ask them to don Tefillin and they will roll up their sleeves...The Rebbe wanted the Six Day War to be a Jewish victory. I would like to present a fascinating diary written by a Yeshiva student that went to visit an army base to put on Tefillin with soldiers during the war. Also included is interesting pictures of the Rebbe part 66. With a description.

"I had left my apartment at 10:00 a.m . I was traveling in an armored car. As we got closer and closer to the army base, which were going to put Tefillin on the IDF. Soldiers who were fighting on the front lines, I began to say Tefilat Haderech (special traveler's prayer).

I must be honest, I have said Tefilat Haderech many times before, but the feeling that I had on this trip, seeing around me, buildings blown up, deserted street,etc…especially reading the words "I should be saved from my enemies, I should return in peace", I just could not help, but pray with so much fervor as ever before!

So, why did I decide to undertake such a "risky" trip? Because that is what the Rebbe wants from us, to put Tefillin on with the soldiers on the front lines.

After a couple of hours of driving, we finally got to the base. As we got out of the car, I was holding my Tefillin and Tehilim in my hand when I cheerfully announced "who would like to put on Tefillin? Within minutes, soldiers lined up and patiently waited for their turn. Each soldier had his sleeve rolled up ready to perform this beautiful mitzvah (good deed). As each one of them approached us, they had a great smile on their face and thanked us for giving them the merit of such a grate opportunity.

Words can't describe how powerful the Shema Yisroel is for each individual soldier! I truly witnessed for the first time in my life, how deeply connected all Yidden of all walks of life, are to Hashem. The tears of joy on every soldier's face while reciting the Shema was so moving!

What really touched me the most from this whole experience was that they just performed such a beautiful mitzvah in such a natural and spontaneous way!

Their were a couple of soldiers though, that told us "We heard that the Lubavitcher Rebbe said that every Jew, especially those serving in the IDF., should put on Tefillin and in the merit of doing so, it will guard them and help them succeed in destroying their enemies" Then, they concluded "did you even have a doubt that we would not do so (another words not put on Tefillin)?!!

Picture description: The Rebbe Davening by a Children's Rally during the summer of 1976.

Good Shabbos.


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