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The Rebbe "Abraham Joshua Heschel is Writing Now"

"The Mets... The Yankees we were so into it. But from March 19, 1940 the day the Rebbe arrived in New York everything changed forever"

-Rabbi Y.D. Groner

I would like to present two encounters with the Rebbe from the early 1940's, the encounters are related by Rabbi Yitzchok Dovid Groner (Melbourne Australia). And Rabbi J.J. Hecht of blessed memory. Also included is interesting pictures of the Rebbe part 67. This e-mail is dedicated to Aron Meir Shloush in honor of his Engagement.
Rabbi J.J. Hecht of blessed memory Relates:

I remember one morning I Received a phone call from the Rebbe. The Rebbe asked me "where you in the Mikvah today?" I answered yes. Then the Rebbe asked me "do you have a Gartel?" I answered yes. The Rebbe then told me "come to the office please" I came to the Rebbe's office and the Rebbe told me the following:

Professor Abraham Joshua Heschel wants to write an essay on the Bal Shem Tov, he asked the Rebbe (the Previous Rebbe) if the Rebbe can show him the Bal Shem Tov's Siddur, and more specifically the page in the siddur that has two drops of blood on it.

The Rebbe then continued and said:

"I would not go and touch this Siddur on my own, but because the Rebbe ( referring to the Previous Rebbe) told me to show it to Professor Heschel, I would like to give you the honor to see it also. The Rebbe flipped thru the pages and showed me the page with the two drops of blood on it and let me hold the Siddur to!"
Rabbi Y.D. Groner Relates:

I remember the evening the Rebbe arrived in New York; I was standing with my father about to go into Yechidus by the Frierdiker Rebbe. Rabbi Yisroel Jacobsen came out of Yechidus and he told us:

"The Rebbe told me to give over to the Bachurim Studying in 770 that everyone in the Yeshiva should go out to welcome my son in Low (the Rebbe) he knows the all of Talmud by heart, and all books on Chasidism that are printed" I remember, that was when I got an idea of who the Rebbe was"

Picture description:

The Rebbe giving Lekach by the entrance to the Succa Hoshana Rabbah 1969. (Special Thanks to Rabbi Seligson)

Good Shabbos

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