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Rebbetzin Chana "You know that Tonight is Yud Aleph Nissan?"

"All of the Chassidim where in total awe from the tremendous respect that the Rebbe had towards his mother during his visit in Paris....He would visit her twice a day"

-Rabbi Nachum Yakobovitch

This year marks 60 years to the Rebbe's historical visit to Paris. The purpose of the Rebbe's trip was to bring his mother Rebbetzin Chana (which he did not see for twenty two years) to the US. I would like to present a beautiful episode with the Rebbe and his mother that occurred during the Rebbe's stay in Paris. Also included is an interesting picture of the Rebbe. (Part 73 in the series). Special thanks to Rabbi Nachum Yakobovitch for sharing this episode.

"One of the more unique memories I remember from the Rebbe's visit to Paris in 1947, was the evening of Yud Aleph Nissin. We were sitting in the home of Rabbi Zalmen Schneerson, and the

Rebbe's mother Rebbetzin Chana, came into the living room and asked us: Rebbetzin Chana: "You know that tonight is Yud Aleph Nissan?" (We didn't know of any significance of the date at that time).

The Rebbetzin continued: "Yud Aleph Nissan is my son's [the Rebbe's] birthday. Ask him to farbrengen!" So the group of Elder Chassidim (who were in Paris at the time) complying with the request They approached the Rebbe, and asked if he can farbrengen. The Rebbe replied: (with a smile) "A Vade a Glaiche Zach" (literally Translated "defiantly it's a good thing"). I remember very vaguely what the Rebbe spoke about by that that farbrengen, but, there are two episodes, that stayed with me. One of the them was:

"The Rebbe spoke about the picture of him and the Frierdiker (Previous) Rebbe playing Chess. the Rebbe explained that The picture was taken at a time that the doctors of The Frierdiker Rebbe advised him to get more rest (for health reasons) They advised the Frierdiker Rebbe that he should weigh his responsibilities and moreover, he should spend his time working with things that will free more time because of his health. So The Frierdiker Rebbe, complying with the doctor's request, decided to play chess.

And he asked me to play with him. After the first game the Frierdiker Rebbe felt that I didn't play properly, so we played a second game and the Rebbe concluded: "I was victorious."

Good Shabbos.

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