Friday, September 7, 2007

The Rebbe "To Dispose of Any Such Absurdity"

"My conscious self cannot know, much less describe, what the Rebbe placed within me during these encounters. The incomprehensible ways he affected me; the life, inspiration, courage and commitment with which I left these brief meetings changed my life more than any human could ever expect a life to change"

-Jay Litvin

I would like to present a very unique Letter of the Rebbe written to a group of people that had a weekly Shiur in Manhattan in the early 194'0s open the attachment. (Read below a brief history behind this very special letter). Also included is an interesting picture of the Rebbe (part 80 in the series). Special thanks Rabbi Asher Lowenstein.

What follows is a rare and unpublicized letter. It was graciously provided by Rabbi Sholom Ber Shapiro, who is eager to share the incredible archive in his possession, comprising invaluable letters from the collection of his father-in-law, Rabbi Dr. Nissan Mindel, z"l, confidant and personal secretary of the Previous Rebbe and the Rebbe.

A Brief history of the Attached Letter of the Rebbe

In 1944 a doctor in Manhattan, Elchonon Cohen, hosted a weekly Shiur in his waiting room. The class would touch on various topics relating to Judaism and was taught by Alexander Cowen, a gentleman who was close to the Previous Rebbe. Among the people who would regularly attend was Dr. Nissan Mindel.

At the classes the participants would become very involved in the questions that were raised, and they would stay after the classes to discuss the matters. Dr. Mindel, too, would participate in these discussions and try to answer the questions.

When, at times, Dr. Mindel felt that he could not adequately resolve the issues raised by Mr. Cowen or the other participants, he would convey the question to the Rebbe in writing.
The following letter is the Rebbe's response to one of Dr. Mindel's inquiries.

Picture description: the Rebbe coming into 770 in the early 197'0s.

Good Shabbos and a Kesiva Vachasima Tova.

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Anonymous said...

Hi, I love reading all of these inspirational stories of the Rebbe.

In this article it says that there's an attached letter, where can I find the letter?

Thank you!
And Mazal Tov on your chasunah, may it be a binyan adei ad and may we see moshiach revealed right now!!