Monday, September 3, 2007

The Rebbe Asked Me "Why didn't You go Upstairs?"

"Whenever I had difficulties in learning I would go to the Rebbe's office and ask the Rebbe to explain me what I didn't understand. his answers to me were always short and to the Point"

-Rabbi Peretz Hecht

I would like to present a very interesting conversation that a student had with the Rebbe in the study Hall upstairs in 770 in the early 1940's. Also included is in an interesting picture of the Rebbe. (Part 76 in the series).

"I remember sitting and learning one day in 770, as we where learning a Bachur came into the study hall and told us that Rabbi Gurary (the Rebbe's brother in law) had come to 770 with group of donors that supported the central Lubavitch Yeshiva at the time. The reason for their coming was that The Previous Rebbe was going to deliver a special talk to them on the importance Jewish education.

As we where sitting in the study hall a student came down stairs with great excitement and told us that the door of The Previous Rebbe's room is slightly open. Immediately all of the Bachurim went upstairs to try to listen to this special talk. My study partner and I decided that we weren't going upstairs and try to listen in rather we went on and continued learning.To our surprise the Rebbe (then known as the Ramah's) entered the study hall, he approached us and asked: "Where are all the Bachurim?" We replied: "The Bachurim went upstairs because The Previous Rebbe is delivering a special talk to a group of donors and the door is opened; they went to try to here the talk." Then the Rebbe asked me: "Why didn't you go upstairs?

"I replied to the Rebbe:

"As a disciple of the (Previous) Rebbe it's a bit difficult for me to fulfill even half of what the Rebbe wants, so why should run to go here more? Let me try to fulfill what's being demanded from me already". Following my words the Rebbe smiled and told me:

"There are times that the "arum" (the environment or surroundings) of Chassidus affects the teachings Chassidus."

I.e. To hear a story or to go listen to a Yechidus participating in a farbrengen gives a Chossid the ability to properly fulfill what Chassidus demands in learning and practical Avodah.

Picture description: the Rebbe distributing dollars on a Sunday. (Special thanks to a reader of the e-mails for sending it)

Good Shabbos.

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